Hot Celebrities Who Haven’t Risked Using Their Life Insurance

Hot Celebrities Who Haven’t Risked Using Their Life Insurance..

Now that the craze for those perfectly chiselled body is gone, the media has diverted its attention towards a natural looking curvy figure. These days one can find many celebrities who are finally rejecting the myriad cosmetic surgeries to enhance (worsen?) their looks and can also have you asking your bank for a loan. In this article we are going to tell you about 8 smoking hot beauties who look naturally glamorous without the help of a surgeon and taking the risk of using their life insurance…

  1. Kate Upton:



American actress and model Kate Upton who was featured in the Vanity Fair 100th Anniversary cover is sizzling beauty who does not need treatment or to go under the knife. Her classic hourglass figure with her love handles has earned her many admirers. These days Kate is pursuing a career in horseback riding and doing cheesy commercials for car insurance.